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Upon a departure

There is a new excitment among everybody as they gather in the lobby of the hotel with their luggage for the trip home. There is excitment, but nobody really wants leave I don't think. China has been a welcoming place to us, and our time here seemed far too short. As friends from Zhuhai, new and old, line up to say their goodbyes. They are very sad that we have to leave so soon, and are also sad that they couldn't have spent more time with each of us due to their final exams. Although they couldn't spend more time with us, we were all extremely greatfull for the time they did get to spend with us. If it wasn't for our Chinese friends we would have been almost be completely lost on what to do in Zhuhai and the school. We are all so happy we met them! With Hong Kong in the future along with an painfully long plane ride, we prepare ourselves for the journey home. Now as we sit, or lay, on the ferry I can't help looking back at Zhuhai and wondering if I will ever meet the people we've encountered, or see the beautiful green city by the sea again. I know I will miss it and hope I can return someday. Chad Schrandt


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Your trip sounds like a truly wonderful experience and we are looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories from you. Take care Chad The trip went too fast for sure.

We read all the postings now and it sounded wonderful. It is hard to believe you are already headed home. Talk to you soon.

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